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Does your A/C need repaired?

Signs to look for:

Even though your air conditioning is still functioning, there are a few common warning signs that trouble is about to come, that it is not running as efficiently as it should, or that it is not even running at full strength. If you notice any of these symptoms, you may need to have maintenance done on your system, or it may need to be repaired.

Regardless of your problem with your HVAC unit, our trained professional technicians will inspect and diagnose the problem before performing any repairs so that you can make an unpressured, informed decision.

Is your A/C not blowing cold air?

If your A/C is not blowing cold air, there are a multitude of problems that could cause this and it is best to have a professional come out and take a look at your system to determine the cause of the problem.


Is your A/C Noisy?

Your A/C should run quietly in the background of your house. If your A/C is being noisy or making loud hissing sounds you could have a compressor problem and may want to get it checked out before it is too late. 


Does your A/C smell bad or maybe leaking water?

If so, then that could mean your condensed water is not draining as it should and sitting there, so you may need your drain lines flushed or your ducts cleaned.


Does your A/C seem to be constantly running or turning off and on more than ususal?

If your A/C is constantly running, short-cycling (off and on more frequently than before), or just running differently than it normally did before, then it may be time for a repair. Having it looked at could end up saving you more money in the long run by having it fixed so that it runs more efficiently, saving you on your power bill.

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